• I buy a seed.

    I buy a seed. I choose a spot.

    The effect of an event, a moment in time ripples … it is endless.

    Each line below creates its own story that echo’s from the first, splitting further still into more.   Life does that … life is that …. each action a seed that ripples away from us through time and reality.

    Do we have the ability to control it? Not really. We have some level of control in the early stages, the seed stage, but the life of a seed, an object, a word, an action … an idea…extends. It is touched by far more than our own individual hand. It is touched by our collective hand.

    Each hand shapes the idea…the moment, the relationship, the campaign, the organization, the world.

    Some hands caress, some nurture, some chop, some burn.

    What is your hand shaping right now?

    What seed are you planting?

    • I plant the seed.
    • I water the plant.
    • The plant grows.
    • I continue to care.
    • It becomes a sapling.
    • I protect, nurture.
    • The plant becomes self-sustaining.
    • I watch it, a tree, grow.
    • It becomes shady.
    • Birds roost, squirrels play.
    • A cat gets stuck. Firemen come to rescue. The neighbors gather.
    • I am older.
    • My tree is strong enough to hold a swing, a tree house.
    • Children, grandchildren, neighbors swing on the tree, play there.
    • The tree is their fort, their castle, their ship, their lighthouse…
    • Family & friends enjoy picnics under the tree.
    • Asphalt is shaded & cooled … air is cooled. My house is cooled.
    • One child, now an adult, writes a story that includes the tree. Readers, who’ve never seen this tree, know the nature of it. Some plant a tree.
    • It is time to move on, sell the house.
    • New children swing, play, climb.
    • Generations of birds, squirrels, worms, insects, grass & other plants are sustained by the tree, the leafy loam underneath.
    • Air, always more fresh air. And shade.
    • Someone photographs the tree … others witness the life of this  tree through a picture. One plants a tree.
    • Filled with lights, the tree becomes the place of a marriage proposal. A memory is created, a dream fulfilled.
    • The couple tells the story of the  moment…and the tree…over and over.
    • Someone plants a tree.
    • And so on…and so on…
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